Download these 5 Inspirational Wallpapers for your mobile device.

How many times do you look at your phone or tablet throughout the day? Too many to count? Us too.

Save these images to your mobile device and set them as your background. It may be just a 'small thing', but many 'small things' add up.

Use these wallpapers as a daily reminder of your focus and purpose. Stop, even for just a moment, and pray for the work God is doing in lives around the world - including your own.

Inspired by 6 Powerful Scriptures:
  • "Love with Actions" | 1 John 3
  • "Give and Be Blessed" | Acts 20
  • "Open Your Hand" | Deuteronomy 15
  • "Give Generously" Deuteronomy 15
  • "Faith and Deeds" James 2